Wednesday, July 3, 2013

that time i {almost} went blonde

Sooooo, for those who don't already know... I added blonde to my hair. Just a top layer, nothing too crazy. I've always wanted to try out a little blonde, but always wimped out. These pictures don't quite capture the color, but they're close enough. :) 

 maxi skirt via
I love it.

 My hair stylist did a fantastic job and is simply the best. Her name is Heather Griggs and she is just the cutest thing. Her personality will make anyone feel comfortable. Whether you are the conservative type or the more spunky kind, she knows how to take care of you. I'm a little bit of both, so of course I can't help but love this girl. Along with her personality, she gets the job done. She is quick during the parts that she needs to be and takes her time on the parts we love. For example, my favorite part of going to a salon has always been the part where they wash your hair and {hopefully} give you a scalp massage. Whelp, this is where Heather thoroughly took care of me. She gave the best. scalp. massage. ever!  Heather works at the Regis Salon in the Provo Towne Centre in Provo. If you live in Utah county and you're looking for a good stylist who will take care of you, then she's your girl!

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  1. Leah! You are so gorgeous! I love the hair and the skirt .


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