Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday
I am officially 23. 
The whole day I was singing, 
"I don't know about me! But I'm turning 23."
I got to spend the whole day with Ammon.
Oh and my sweet mom took me out to eat.
I also ate at Tucanos.
I got to hear my mother-in-law sing part of the birthday song all by herself on my voicemail.
I created a masterpiece at Color Me Mine.
No school. No work.
It was a good day.

Oh and we sat right night to Jimmer while we were at Tucanos. No big deal.


  1. Happy Birthday Leah! Jimmer totally heard it was your bday and went out to celebrate too! haha

  2. AHhh!! This looks so fun! I am so glad you got to go to Color Me Mine! (You should post pictures of your masterpiece...) I seriously love you Leah. Happy birthday :)


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