Sunday, May 19, 2013

the great outdoors

If there is one thing I know to be true on this earth, it is this: throwing rocks off a cliff or down a mountain is really, ridiculously fun. 

Ammon and I went hiking with a couple friends last Tuesday and then we went camping near Flaming Gorge with his family over the weekend. It was during these two adventures that I realized just how satisfying it is to throw rocks. I like throwing them as far as I can. I like watching them shatter. I like the ripples they make when they hit the water. I like the sound they make each time they hit something on their way down. It's so simple. But I love it.

I also like watching my husband throw rocks. 

Provo Canyon:

Flaming Gorge:

The bigger the better, right?

Here's the rest of what I've captured during our time spent in the great outdoors:
About ready to hike up Provo Canyon 


Provo canyon is beautiful!

 Flaming Gorge with the fam:

just chillin

lots of fishing

and catching crawdads

I did it! I finally held a crawdad! It was my first time ever. {and probably my last}

Caleb was pro at catching crawdads. He took quite a few pinches for the team.
Ammon caught a fish! 

It was just a little guy, but still exciting!

Well. My skin is fried, my back is achy, (Ammon and I tent camped) but oh man do I feel good! I love the great outdoors and I am loving this weather so I can enjoy it comfortably. I'm grateful for parents who took me to National Parks instead of Disneyland because my passion lies within just a few miles of my front door. 


  1. Wish we could have been there with you guys! Looks like you had a great time! We miss you!

  2. Ah, for the good old days! Maybe there is one good camp out in me yet. I have to get stronger and lose some more weight. I will make a goal of next year for my 66th birthday! You t;hink I can do it Leah?

  3. Looks so fun!!! I love that you got to read by the lake and push rocks over large chasms. Haha, you guys are awesome and it looked like you had a blast.

  4. Fun! There were some big crayfish in that bunch. Helps me understand better that some people eat them. Especially when you can get so many and boil them up. When I was a kid playing outside in Texas, I only found one or two at a time. I'm glad you are happy about the family trips we did! Love, Mom

    1. We actually did end up boiling them and eating them! I thought it was disgusting, but everyone else seemed to have thought they tasted good.


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