Friday, October 12, 2012

hypothetical conversations

Sometimes Ammon and I like to have these crazy hypothetical conversations  (mainly because he starts them). They go a little something like this:

Ammon: what if humans laid eggs?
Me: uh...(It takes me a few seconds to process Ammon's hypothetical questions)
Ammon: people would want the nicest incubators for their babies. they'd probably still have babies at the hospital. they'd have high tech incubators.
Me: true... (I'm still trying to process the idea of humans laying eggs)
Ammon: actually, people would just buy incubators and lay them at home.
Me: so how many eggs would we lay? would we be having 12 kids at once?
Ammon: maybe. and then people would probably start stealing eggs! 
Me: yeah, that's probably why we don't lay eggs.

And that was how the conversation ended. Ammon's really good at coming up with hypothetical questions. When I try, here's how it goes: {notice it's a lot shorter}

Me: what if jobs were categorized by city?
Ammon: you mean put all the surgeons in one city?
Me: yeah. and all the teachers in another city.
Ammon: that wouldn't work. "oh no, my house is on fire. 2 hours later, the firefighters arrive. my house is already gone."
Me: yeah...

I figure after being married to Ammon for a few more years I'll be much better at this hypothetical thing. Until then, what if all the colleges were randomly demolished by terrorists?


  1. this is hilarious. i'd love to join one of these conversations.

  2. sounds like the Ammon I know and love.
    Given the nature of my writing/storytelling, I had interesting answers, some of which were utter (hilarious) nonsense. x)

  3. That last thought was too real. Back to the fun hypotheticals.

  4. hahah love these thoughts, they would make for such fun conversation. :)


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