Tuesday, October 16, 2012

it's the little things

it's the little things in life that truly make me happy.
it's the small moments spent with my husband that make me realize how much i love him.
it's the personal accomplishments along the path of life that make me feel good inside.
it's the relationship i have with my family and with God that let me know i'm never alone.

for example, today my husband and i google chatted for the first time ever. some couples meet online and it's kind of weird/different when they speak to each other in person for the first time. ammon and i have only been communicating verbally for quite some time {we share a phone} that it was kind of weird/different chatting it up via google today. and it was fun! our conversation went from being amazed at technology to inserting smiley faces into everything we typed. and i was smiling the whole time because my husband is also my best friend.

today i rode my bike all the way to UVU and then all the way back home again.
according to google maps, it's about 5 miles away and takes 30 minutes on bike to get there.
well, to me it felt more like 10 miles, and it took me almost an hour...
buy hey! this was a personal accomplishment and i'm glad i did it.

last week my mom took me and ammon to lunch. then she let us borrow her car for the day so we could buy a new vacuum and a lot of other much needed items. my mom cares about me so much. the way she smiles when i talk, the hugs she gives me, and the time she sets aside to spend with me all show me her love. i love her more than words can express!

lately, i've been praying to feel things more. i want to feel the spirit more. i want to feel love for other people more, i want to feel closer to God. i want to feel changes in myself as i try and improve. God is listening. He loves me. I know it. I can feel it. :)


  1. Everything you said in here is true! Always remember that God is there even in the small and simple things...it's interesting that there you will find him the most. I'm re-learning that myself lately and it's bringing more joy to the already constant joy I feel being married to my husband and I think you could agree with that.

    by the way: you are awesome at bike riding, like legit. No. Joke.

  2. Leah I love this post, and I love you. You are such a good example to me, and I miss you. you are genuinely kind, loving person. I'm so glad we are friends.

  3. Enjoyed this blog. I enjoy all of them! I am glad that you are an active person and can do all those things I can't do anymore. The little things for me are the twins and Oliva. Ha, ha! I actually like the big things,too. How about a blowout birthday for my 65th! Love you.


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