Our Story

Mine and Ammon's story begins all the way back in September of 2009. 
I was 19 and Ammon was 18. 
I was home from BYU-Idaho for the Fall and desperately needed a job. 
I applied for a job at Brick Oven, hoping they would hire me even though I would be leaving in 4 months. 
Luckily they did, and I was hired as a delivery cashier. I wasn't too excited about the position because it meant having to wear a dorky hat and being stuck in the back answering phones. But it was a job and I was grateful for that. AND it turns out that working there was the best thing that could happen to me because I ended up meeting a lot of great people.

Chad was one of them. We are still friends today.

Stephen was another. He brought me this cake on my last day. 
While there were a lot of great people I met while being a delivery cashier, there was one particular co-worker who stood out to me. Can you guess? Yup, it was Ammon. He stood out because he was annoying! But in a good way. He was confident, fun to work with, easy to talk to, and not to mention a cutie! Sometimes he drove me crazy with his teasing, but overall, I really enjoyed working with him. Occasionally our supervisors had to separate us because they thought we were talking too much. I always hated that.

There was only one problem with this new friendship: we were both uh... dating other people. We secretly thought the other was cute and wondered what it would be like to go on a date, but of course we didn't because we were loyal to the people we were currently dating. However, sometimes we would go to each other to complain about our relationship problems. Little did we know that we would one day have some of our own together :)

A couple weeks before leaving to go back to Rexburg, I hosted an ugly sweater party at my house in Mapleton. After begging Chad and Ammon to come, I was so happy to see their ugly sweaters and beautiful faces when they arrived. The following pictures crack me up because you've got my ex-boyfriend in some of the pictures and then there's Ammon, who I (at the time of the party) NEVER would have ever guessed would become more than just my friend.

Making sugar cookies
Don't look at my braces, but look! There's Ammon!

Right before leaving for Idaho, me and my ex officially broke up. I was crushed but I tried to stay positive. The day before I left for Idaho, I went to Brick Oven with Chad and Rachelle. Ammon was still dating his gf so I wasn't sure what he was up to. While we were at BO, we saw Ammon! He was working as a busser that night so he stopped to say hi for a little. It was fun running into him, but I still didn't think anything of it. I don't even know who took the following picture but I'm glad they did because who would have thought that the little nerdy girl in the middle would end up with the stud on the left? 
Just friends :)
After leaving for Idaho, we didn't keep in touch very much. In fact, we both forgot about each other. Ammon stayed in Provo saving money for college and I got my Associates and went to China.

 When I got back from China in December of 2010, I was um ... boy hungry? Five months was a long time to go without boys. You can imagine how excited I was when a cutie like Ammon sent me a message on Facebook, suggesting we should hang out. I remembered our fun times at Brick Oven and I readily agreed! For once we were both single and in the same city!
When it came time for the date, I was nervous! What if it was weird? What if I made a fool of myself?
 Ammon came and picked me up in his white truck and took me to Betos. At first he suggested ice cream, but I remember telling him I was too cold for that so that's why we went to Betos. (Being assertive on the first date? Check.) Not gunna lie, it was a bit awkward at the beginning of the date. I hadn't been on a date in months so I had lost my groove. Luckily by the time we were driving through the canyon, I wasn't nervous anymore because we were having fun catching up and talking about our future goals. And not just little goals. Big ones. Like future family goals. Yeah, that's how our first date went. (Talking about serious stuff on the first date? Double check.)

Two weeks later we kissed. Two weeks after that we became an official couple. After a year of dating and lots of hard work, Ammon proposed to me and I said yes. (For the engagement story click here) Then after three long months, we were sealed in the Jordan River Temple for all eternity!! (Click here to read about our wedding day.)

Three years later, our first baby was born. Her name is Lillian Renee Lott:

Two years after that, our son was born. His name is Rook Holden Lott:

The purpose of this blog is to record, remember, and share the memories that I have with this beautiful family of mine.


  1. Temple picture should get "Most beautiful temple picture" award

  2. sorry if I was one of those supervisor's who had to separate you! I am so happy for you two and love this story!

    1. Jody! You probably were! You and Brandon. haha! We were young and immature back then so I'm sure it was necessary. :)

  3. I look forward to a baby Lott to be my first great-grandchild! You will be awesome parents. Your love spreads to all of us like honey on bread...


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