Wednesday, October 16, 2013

in memory of adam

When someone in your family (or in your spouse's family) passes away so suddenly and unexpectedly, you learn a few things about that person's family and you learn a few things about yourself.

Adam Christiansen (Ammon's cousin) passed away at age 19. I learned that Adam's family is incredible. They are so faithful and selfless. When Ammon and I were visiting their house, the door was constantly opening and closing from visitors. The Christiansens received every single hug without hesitation and were making sure that each guest was taken care of.

As for extended family, so many relatives took immediate action. A facebook page was made in memory of Adam. A lot of people dropped whatever was on their agenda to come and visit. Cookies were made. Flowers were brought. Hugs were exchanged. A movie filled with pictures was made. I was so impressed with how much got accomplished in just a few days.

The viewing is where I learned the most. After they closed the casket, we (the family members) followed along as it was wheeled into the chapel. When we got to the chapel, I could not contain my emotions. Row after row of people were standing up to show their respect and love. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  I couldn't help but think, This is what people do when the Prophet walks into the room. This is how many people's life Adam has touched. This is what's important. Family. Friends. People. 

Adam lived a life of selflessness. Looking back at his life and at all the people he had loved, I learned about what's most important: family. service. love. passion. being genuine. Those are the things that Adam taught me. Those are the things that truly matter.

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