Thursday, October 16, 2014

october so far

October has been good to me. Attending General Conference with the husband. A pregnancy that is going well. Festivities with my students. Cardigan weather. Pumpkins. Fall Break. Breakfast in bed from the husband today. :)

Other things I'm looking forward to
-Another appointment on Monday. 
-Halloween because my costume is going to be amazing. (It's a surprise.) 
-Presenting at a conference in Park City with my bestie, Brianna! I can't wait to see her! I'm not entirely thrilled to present at a conference. I am extremely terrified of speaking in front of people. But at least I get free food for 2 days, a night at the Chateaux, and quality time with the girl I miss so much. 

The only thing worrying me right now is our car. It is in the shop right now and has been for over 24 hours. They still haven't called to say what's wrong. I just wanted to pass our safety and emissions test! Is that too much to ask for!? Yes... yes it is. Especially when your car is an '87 Reliant K. Sigh... please call back with some good news... please?

My first pregnancy photo! My bump looks bigger in real life. I promise I have one!

Making monsters with my students for a class party. 

Food drive bucket contest. We won 3rd place!

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