Monday, September 29, 2014

i'm pregnant!

So in case you didn't already know this... I'M PREGNANT!!
I officially started my second trimester today which is CRAZY because it feels like Ammon and I were jumping for joy with a (+) pregnancy stick just a few days ago.

Here's how the pregnancy has been so far:

-Morning sickness hasn't been bad AT ALL. This has been a huge blessing! I thought for sure I'd have really bad morning sickness. Before Ammon and I got married, I tried birth control pills for the first time. Every time I took one, I was up the next morning feeling painfully nauseous just wishing I'd throw up and then I'd throw up every 30 minutes for a few hours. So far, I've hardly felt nauseous and I've thrown up 6 times total. I consider it a miracle from my Heavenly Father!
-I love making green smoothies in the morning! (Some OJ, ice, frozen strawberries, a fresh banana, and some spinach and kale. It's the perfect thing to start my day with.)
-Mild cravings.
- I cried while watching What to Expect When You're Expecting. I totally recommend that movie if you're preggers.
-Tiredness like I've never felt before. Here's to going to bed before 10 consistently for the first time in like... ever!
-Snacking ALL THE TIME! I hate it when teachers eat in front of their students but I have been that teacher ever since day one.
-I cried while watching 13 Going on 30 (I know that movie has nothing to do with being pregnant but being pregnant has everything to do with why I cried while watching that movie.)
-ACNE!! So much acne! Everyone that knows me knows that I only ever get like one or two zits per period and that's it. Welp. Not anymore. It started with two. Now, for every zit that disappears, TWO appear! And I'm too tired and lazy to wear make-up so I've chosen to embrace my zitty face and count my blessings because at least I'm not nauseous.
-Exercising has been challenging. Simple tasks like walking up a flight of stairs leaves me out of breath. I just don't have as much energy as I used to and whenever I increase my heartrate, it leaves me winded so easily. I've been doing p90x every so often with Ammon to get some exercise in and sometimes I get frustrated that things just feel more challenging-especially in my core. And what used to be a simple 2-mile run is exhausting.
-I have been so blessed with a loving husband who is just as excited (if not more) as I am to have a baby. He is always there to get me an ice cold drink, a sandwich, a head massage, or anything else I need. He never complains. He helps out around the house. He does the smelly dishes and takes out the trash. He thinks I'm beautiful even though I've already gained weight. He never goes a day without telling me sincerely that I'm beautiful. Even though strong smells give him migraines, he never says anything when I've covered my head in peppermint oil. Gahh!! I love him so much!!

Okay. Now onto the most exciting thing that has happened-the ultrasound. I was a wee bit of a procrastinator when it came to setting up the doctor appointment and didn't see a doctor until I was 11 weeks along. Whoops... However, it was kind of nice because my first appointment was very exciting! In that appointment, I got to ask my doctor all kinds of questions, he took me in for a mini ultrasound where I got to see the baby moving. Ammon and I were freaking out! Our lil pumpkin was so active. It was the cutest little squirming thing I've ever seen. Then we looked at the heartbeat and then we got to hear the heartbeat! Everything was healthy and normal. It was the most amazing thing I've experienced. It was more amazing than skydiving or walking on the Great Wall of China. It finally felt real. There was a baby inside me! My doctor also took some pictures during the ultrasound and let us take them home.

I told my students today that I had big news. I used this moment to find out just how much they like me. I told them that I was moving and that I wasn't going to be their teacher anymore. They were so upset! It was the funniest thing ever. I let them wallow for a little and then I finally told them the real news. They were so excited. If you like getting attention-be a teacher. You get lots of attention. When I sent them back to their desks, half the class was crowding around me to ask more questions and the girls-oh the girls! They had this glow in their eyes and I could tell they were dying to hug me! It felt pretty great.

I love my job. I love my life.

For the final announcement photo, we set my camera on top of our car and used the timer.

Here are a few we took along the way:

 Other ideas for announcing:

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