Sunday, January 20, 2013

birthday boy

My hubby just celebrated his 22nd birthday. 
Here's 22 things you may not know about him:

1. He only had his braces on for 6 months
2. He is a twin
3. He is a huge Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars nerd. :)
4. He is half Hispanic
5. He is very hit and miss when it comes to his bowling skills.
6. He taught himself how to play guitar. One time, he was in a band that opened for Mae
7. He doesn't need glasses or contacts
8. He has lived in California, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, and now Utah
9. He longboards and snowboards like a boss

10. He is a busser at Brick Oven
11. He snores when he sleeps on his back 
12. He is a smoothie-making master
13. He loves playing board games, especially Chess and Monopoly
14. He loves Calvin and Hobbes, Zits, and The Far Side comic books
15. He loves going on nature walks
16. He started writing a fantasy book when he was 9.  It was never completed. 
17. He can quote almost every episode of Spongebob
18. He was home-schooled most of his life
19. He has over 75 first cousins, many of which have been and are his best friends
20. He comes from a family of 9 
21. He can make anyone laugh. 
22. Everything about him is exactly what I need in a husband! He may not be perfect, but he's perfect for me.

For his birthday, we spent the evening winning tickets at Nickel City and eating crepes.
Oh. And we most definitely spent a good couple hours watching Parks and Rec (I got him season 2 for his birthday).


  1. He plays chess! Game on! I taught my four brothers and sisters how to play so I could have someone to play with. I learned when I was 15 that summer I was at the National Science Foundation program. Gave us a break from dominoes - a Texan's favorite. He is perfect for you and you are perfect for him. And you are both perfect for me!

  2. Awesome! You guys are so cute. :) We're watching Season 2 of Parks and Rec right now!

    1. Aw no way!? Season 2 keeps getting better and better the more we watch it. :)

  3. Wow I learned so much about Ammon! I'm glad you guys had fun! Sorry I missed you Leah over Christmas break!!! I am glad you got your CD. Some of the pictures of us are so ugly but I love them! I miss you and the next time we come back is in August so don't make any big plans for that month. :)

  4. These are awesome. You two are so cute. I'm glad his birthday was great.


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