Our Marriage Bucket List

So my super duper cute cousin-in-law Rachael is living in Boston and has a bucket list. I loved the idea so much, I just had to copy her. Click here to see her Boston Bucket list and her adorable blog!

As for me and Ammon. We've got some goals of our own and it feels so good to cross off the small ones along the way. So here is our marriage bucket list:

Education and Career:
Receive Associates from BYU-Idaho (Leah)
Officially pick a major and decide what to do for a career (Ammon)
Get in the Elementary Education Program at UVU (Leah)
Become a CNA (Ammon)
Get into a Nursing Program (Ammon) Ammon got into UVU's program!
Student Teaching (Leah) blog post here
Receive Bachelors in Elementary Education (Leah) Blog post here
Get a teaching job (Leah) I got one! I teach 4th grade at Reagan Academy & LOVE my job!
Receive Associates in Nursing (Ammon) I'm so proud of him!
Get a job as a nurse while getting Bachelores (Ammon)  Ammon works on the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit at the Intermountain hospital in Provo.
Receive Bachelores in Nursing (Ammon)
Get into Grad School to become a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) (Ammon)
Become an official CRNA (Ammon)

As you can see, we have a long way to go. But as President Monson has said, "By the inch, it's a cinch." We're just glad we have each other along the way.

Get my private Pilot's license (Leah)
Go to NYC
Go to Hawaii so we can snorkel, eat lots of food, hike, and tan our bums off!
Do an Endowment session in an LDS temple outside the U.S.
Go on a cruise!
Visit New Zealand and go on a LOTR tour. Yup, we're nerds. :)
Hike Multnomah Falls in Oregon and take lots of romantic pictures
Go to Disneyland and take a picture just like this one: We did it! Check out pictures here
Just me and my turkey leg!!

Make homemade ice cream
Go to the Cheesecake Factory
Eat swordfish or shark
Enter a baking contest (bonus points if we win!) Pumpkin Chili-2nd place!
Make a fancy cake that takes hours to make (Leah) Did this when I made Lily's birthday cake.
Eat at a 5 star restaurant

Being Active and Healthy
Run a half marathon together Blog post here
Buy a Gym Pass
Run a 10k together we sort of did when we ran the dirty dash
Do a triathlon (sprint or full)
Squat 200 lbs (Leah)

The Outdoors:
Go Backpacking
Hike Timp
Go Parasailing
Go Scuba-diving
Try skiing (Ammon)
Try Ski boards (Leah) blog post here
Hold hands while ice skating outside

The Arts:
Go to a midnight premier
Record a music CD (Ammon)
See a Broadway play
Have a Harry Potter movie marathon blog post here
Participate in a music video (Leah) watch it here

Crafts and Home-Projects
Put up curtains and curtain rod in the living room pictures here
Finish sewing t-shirt quilt (Leah) I finally had to pay someone to finish it
Make an F.H.E chart and use it (Leah)
Make a menu board (Leah) blog post here
Compile a recipe book with all of our favorite recipes
Begin and finish 1st year scrapbook

Just because:
Fly a kite
Grow a beard (Ammon)
Cut hair really short (Leah)
Learn to ride a wave-board (Leah)
Finish a 1000-piece puzzle
Go blonde (Leah) pictures here
Read all of the LOTR books and The Hobbit (Leah)

Stay at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City (They have themed rooms!)
Sundance stargazing
Make a baby Announcement post here Delivery blog post here

Ride in a hot air balloon
Go skydiving together
Skinny dip together!
Ride in a helicopter


  1. I love your list! I might have to steal a few ideas from you ;) When you come to NYC let us know, it is just a hop skip and jump away from us and we always like an excuse to go.

  2. Leah, I love you! This is so fun. When I get married I want to do this. So cute! :D

  3. Sounds awesome! I need to make one now!


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