Saturday, September 22, 2012

ward chili cook-off

Yesterday, our church held a ward chili cook-off.
I've always wanted to enter a baking contest. So this was the perfect opportunity!
 Do you remember the Pumpkin Chili I made back in June?
Well that's the one we entered!

Then people started asking about where we found the recipe. I found it online. Where'd you find yours? Oh yeah, I remember. From your great-great-grandmother's recipe book that's been handed down from generation to generation.
{What were you thinking Leah!? An online recipe compared to family recipes?}
We thought for sure we were gunna lose. Especially with a total of 16 chilies out there!

But! After eating dinner and watching various talents. The winners were announced and we got...
{drum roll please....}

2nd place!!
We were so happy. And check out our cute prize:

That's one more thing off the Marriage Bucket List!!

Thank you to whomever shared their recipe with me!
Go HERE for the recipe. :) Or to my blog post. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. 


  1. Ahha! That's awesome! Now you have to bring some to class tomorrow...just kidding. It looks like you had a blast and now if you don't mind I will be following your blog because you and your husband are beautiful and yea, married peeps gotta stay together. (Or I have this horrible addiction to blog reading, haha)

    1. Brianna! Um, I don't mind at all! it's my dream that I'll have over a hundred followers one day. And I'm pretty sure I'm even more obsessed with blog reading. So now I am officially following your blog! :)


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