Monday, September 24, 2012

i once put a sock in my hair

Okay. So remember how I'm a little behind when it comes to technology? Well, I'm also a little behind when it comes to hair-dos. 

For example. Ever seen this perfectly beautiful bun?

Of course you have. It's only been around for forever! Well. For the past year or so, instead of listening to my teachers lecture about matrices and synthetic division, I stared at the girls sitting all around me and thought, "how the heck did she do that?" 

Then I'd go home and after a bottle of hair spray and a million bobby pins I gave up. 

Well kids, I have finally figured it out. Those girls had socks in their hair. Yup, you heard me. A sock! And guess what? I once put a sock in my hair too. 

Before I started. {And before I realized the flash was off.}

Me and my rolled up sock
{Correction: Me and Ammon's rolled up sock.}

And tuh duh! See that bun? There's a sock inside of it! 


  1. This is one of the reasons I miss my long hair! Darn you! Haha, just kidding. Looks super cute.

  2. Ooh your hair does the sock bun so well! Mine always looks a tad crazy since I have so much hair. Your is definitely enviable. Now girls will sit behind you and wonder, "How did she do that?!" ;)


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