Sunday, September 16, 2012

wait until dark

Ammon and I are so lucky to have our Friday nights off every single week! 
It is very important to us that we reserve that night for meaningful dates. 
But because of wanting to save money and be frugal, Ammon and I have just kind of stayed in our apartment, playing games, watching movies, and eating ice cream. Which I was starting to think was fine. We were saving money, right?
But then I read my cousin-in-law, Rachael's Blog which gave some great advice on dating that her husband gave her. 

Dates need to be interesting and fun. Dates need to push the couple to get out of their comfort zone and get to know each other more. Dates need to contrast with the every day busy routine of life. And sometimes, that requires money. And if you do spend money, then don't worry about it during the whole date! After all, dates are cheaper than divorce. :)

So Ammon and I have decided to go on a more pricey date once a month. We tried it this past Friday night and it was so much fun! We really enjoyed getting to know each other more. It's easier to ask questions and tell stories when you're out and about and not just chillin in the apartment. 

Here are some snip-its from our "Wait Until Dark" Date:

Dinner at the Center Street Deli

You can write on the tables!

Classic box game. I won. :)

Walking around downtown

I love flowers

Jay's Jungle

The Chinchillas were so cute!

My foot is there so you could see how big the snake is!

 We had to "wait until dark" to get our tickets.
The food was delicious. The play was phenomenal. And the in-between adventures were priceless. What a great date!


  1. What a great date! Dates with your spouse are just the best. I love your idea of doing an extra special date once a month.

    P.S. I totally met Shelby today! She is in my ward here in Boston. She is the cutest (you guys are totally related ;) and I probably scared her because I got so excited that we were "related" haha.


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