Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day

Well. As fate would have it, Ammon and I did not go to Moab with my family for Labor Day.
But it's okay because we accomplished a lot and still had fun doing it!
{Okay let's be realistic. I'm super bummed I didn't go to Moab. But that's life. And growing up.}

Our day consisted of:
Going to the gym
Grocery Shopping
Gaining all the calories we lost at the gym from eating these beauties:
The best Peanut Butter Bars I've ever had
(And they're super easy to make!)
Cleaning the house
Watching Arrested Development (love that show)
Doing laundry
Creating Our Marriage Bucket List
Doing Homework:

Listening to music
AND going to work. {The real way to spend Labor Day, right?}

I'm super stoked about our marriage bucket list! I plan on adding to the list as we think of more things. You can bet your bottom dollar that you'll be hearing about the things we get to cross off. 

Happy Labor Day everyone!


  1. leah! i'm so glad you found my blog because now i've found yours! the only one of my china girls i've kept in touch with a little is ms. tara. makes me sad. so glad i can stalk you too now.

  2. Well maybe if you hadn't dropped off the face of the planet, we would have kept in touch more. Haha. Well. Now we can stalk each other. :)


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