Tuesday, September 4, 2012

online shopping

Ever since saying goodbye to our car, I have become quite the online shopper. Here are some things I'm looking forward to coming in the mail:

American Eagle 30% off and free shipping! :)

I bought a white one of these. Only $1.49 on ebay
Go here to get one!

A valance for our living room. Now all I need to get is a curtain rod. 

I bought a light blue one of these. Only $1.89 on ebay!
Go here to get one.

eBags only $20

The backpack is the one I'm most excited for.
My other backpack is falling apart and I seriously can't wait to use my new one! :) 

I love when things come in the mail. Even if it's just a text book. I don't know what it is, but seeing my name on an unopened package is so exciting! {Does anybody want to be my pen pal?}

Another thing I'm super excited about is the outfit I wore today. I felt more teacher-y. :) Remember how I said Ammon and I like to go on dates at D.I.? Well check out this super cute shirt I found at D.I the other day for only $3:

So here are my bargain shopping tips {the only two that I have}:
 -If you're ever looking for a button-up shirt, try D.I. first. They have oodles of different choices.
-And if you're looking for a skinny belt, try ebay. :)

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