Thursday, June 11, 2015

2 months

She can hold her head up non-stop!

She LOVES standing, she can hold onto things tightly for hours if we let her, & she can sit in her Bumbo chair all by herself.

Oh, and did I mention she cries? But it's super cute & I'm learning to be patient when it's late in the night. :)

New nickname: Turtle


On June 7th 2015 @ 6:30 P.M., Lily was given a name and a blessing from her dad. 

Her GORGEOUS dress that great-grandma Mary got her. :)
All ready to go... before she knew what was going to happen.
As we drove into the parking lot (right at 6:30) of the church where she was to be blessed, my heart started beating faster. There were a lot of cars there and for some reason it made me feel a little nervous. When we walked into the relief society room, the room was full of friends and family to support us. The bishop asked if there was anyone we needed to wait for. We both looked around and told the bishop that we were good to go.

That's right, we were the last ones there. Classic us.
Actually! In our defense... Lily was nursing way longer than I thought she would, so it's her fault, right? :)

After a brief introduction from the bishop, Ammon blessed our sweet baby girl. Lily was right on cue with her blessing. She started crying when the blessing began and then as soon as Ammon said, "Amen," she stopped. That's my girl. :)

In her blessing, she was told more than once that her parents love her. I am so glad that Ammon mentioned that because if there is one thing I want her to never doubt, it is that her parents love her.

Another thing mentioned in her blessing was that she would find the joy of living the Gospel on her own. Yes! It's what happened to me and it's what happened to Ammon. One of the biggest reasons we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is because it brings us so much JOY and I hope that she will come to find that for herself as well.

After the blessing

I LOVE this picture!

Annnnnd... she started crying again!

The Holden side
The Lott side minus Kirk who is working in Cali and Elias who is in the MTC

Grandma Holden. This picture melts my heart!


Proud parents

Mark & Rachelle.
Lily will come to know these two very well.
I'm so glad they came! 


Unsuccessfully trying to get her to smile
THAT dress!

haha! This one's for you, Nephi!
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