Saturday, November 22, 2014

Approaching 20 weeks

Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks along! Sometimes my pregnancy feels like it is going by so fast and other days I wish I was past this pregnancy thing, holding my little baby and telling him or her how much I love them. But alas, I still have quite a few more months to go.

The second trimester has been good to me. The first week or so, I was still throwing up (again, not a big deal! I didn't even feel nauseous.) However, the past few weeks have been throw-up free and for the first time in a while, I could feel hungry without feeling so faint and nauseous. I started biking and exercising more.

As for the getting bigger part... some days I love my body! I will look at it and then excitedly say to Ammon, "Babe! I'm pregnant!" Other days, I feel so fat.  I know I'm supposed to get bigger but sometimes I can't help but worry that I'll never go back to how I used to look and feel.

My circulation has been affected ever since the second trimester. The other day, I sat at the carpet with my students. My legs were crisscross for the 20 minute meeting on respecting school property. When I stood up, both legs were completely asleep. One time, I crouched down next to a student who was struggling with a problem in math. Well, this student was struggling a lot longer than I would have liked. I think I was crouched for a good 5 minutes. As time went on, I started to feel very faint. I just have to be careful with how long I bend my legs. Which is tough, because I'm a leg bender, even at the kitchen table.

My lower back aches all the time.

My heart is racing like I'm always working out, when let's face it, I never work out anymore.

I've finally got boobs! Yeah they're sensitive, but I can't help loving them when I've been as flat as a pancake my whole life.

I am definitely more emotional. The other day, Ammon and I were watching Netflix on our tablet. Ammon leaned over to grab something and bumped the tablet. The tablet came crashing down on my forehead. I grabbed above my eye in pain and before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face. It didn't even hurt that bad. Poor Ammon felt so guilty! I also totally cried during Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey was crying, so without even wanting to, I totally felt his pain (something I'm actually not very good at doing) and totally bawled with him.

My  hair is growing like crazy. In some places it's great, but in others, I'm like, "Seriously? I just shaved you!" haha.

I'm peeing all the time. Luckily, I can somehow manage to hold it in during the 8 hours I teach. But as soon as school's out... get out of my way. One day I was anxiously waiting to use the faculty bathroom when a parent was trying to talk to me about their child's math homework. I did not hesitate in telling them that I would meet with them after I used the restroom.

Pregnancy brain... what's that again? So far I think I'm doing just fine remembering things. Ammon might tell you otherwise. Okay fine, I forget some things. The biggest pb moment was when a fellow teacher turned to ask how far along I was. I completely froze! Was I 20 weeks or 40? I truly couldn't remember how far along I was. I had to tell her that I didn't know. What the weird!


Okay enough about pregnancy. Now onto other things.

Red Ribbon Week.
Can I just say that teaching 4th grade is the best? They are old enough that you can have serious conversations with them about drugs, but they're still so young and innocent that they will pledge with all their heart that they will "never ever do drugs-not even once!" I know the odds say that many of my students will try drugs and some of them will become addicted. But I want my students to beat the odds. So I made a BIG deal about it all week. I even recorded them on video when they placed their leaves on the tree of being drug-free.

Don't FALL for drugs. Leaf them alone!

Free pumpkins!

Making guesses. It pretty much went like this: the girls picked girl and the boys picked boy.

I survived.
4th graders hyped up on sugar is not as fun as I thought it would be. Just getting their attention and getting them to listen to me without touching their neighbor was a nightmare. Not to mention I had parents there watching my every move. I may or may not have lost it in front of them... nah. It wasn't that bad. I loved getting to see all their costumes and I think mine turned out pretty good. But I seriously had to go into school that day knowing that it was going to be chaotic.

"Seatbelts everyone!!"

Ms. Frizzle!


Ms. Frizzle costume with Liz
November 13th. The first snowfall of the season. It didn't stop my kids from playing soccer!

Teaching is still going well and I love it.
Monday is my 20-week ultrasound. I find out the gender and I get to see my little baby again! I pray that all is growing well.
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