Sunday, April 28, 2013

one year and still going strong!


Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
It's time to celebrate,
Let's go to the zoo!

Lego animals were scattered all over the zoo

our beloved nation's bird


i was a little confused when i saw these from a distance. i thought they were real... {shhh... don't tell anyone}


llama face

my fave animal

lego monkeys

real monkey

this guy gets bigger every time we see him

Although the zoo was a bit crowded, we really enjoyed the warm weather and of course fawning over the animals. {okay, that fawning may have just come from me}

After the zoo we walked to Olive Garden.
After a peach smoothie, some sort of peach pasta {sounds weird right? but it was delicious!}, and a gorgonzola steak pasta for Ammon, we walked to D.I. and purchased Cast Away.
I never get sick of watching the relationship between Tom Hanks and Wilson.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

massage drunk

I have the best visiting teacher ever! 
When she found out I was stressed with finals, she asked if there was anything she could do.
In my head I'm thinking that while I love treats and junk food, I was dying for something a little more relaxing.

Then I remembered that my visiting teacher is a massage therapist. 
Think, think, think. 
I couldn't resist... 
I asked her {in the nicest way possible} if I could get a massage when all was said and done with finals.
 And because she is so wonderful, she readily agreed!

Thursday was my last final! {huzzah!} 
Just before 8:00, I rode my bike quickly to her house, where she pleasantly greeted me. 
Then, for an hour or so, I received my first, official massage.
It was uh-mazing!
The atmosphere was perfectly lit, calm music played in the background the whole time, and my visiting teacher is pro.

When it came time to leave the room, the weirdest sensations came over me.
My visiting teacher handed me a bottle of water and had me sit down on her couch.
She looked across at me and asked how I felt.
Then, with the cheesiest grin on my face, I responded, "good."
"Why am I smiling like a doofus?" I thought to myself. I tried to act more natural.
My visiting teacher then expressed that she was worried for me to ride my bike home.
 I didn't understand. Why was she worried? I can ride my bike just fine! 
She then explained that I needed more time to "come back down to earth" because I was most likely experiencing what she likes to call "massage drunk."
I was so excited to hear this that I blurted, "Is this what getting high feels like!?"
{confession: I have secretly wanted to know what being high feels like}

My v.t. smiled and further explained that most people are constantly in "flight or fight" mode. Getting a massage is a healthy way of temporarily relieving ourselves from this mode. The drunk feeling is also due to the releasing of toxins and from stimulating the nervous system which releases endorphins. I had no idea getting a massage could make a person feel so elated and tipsy all at the same time. 
{Go to this website to

After my v.t drove me home, Ammon's brother Nephi was over. The three of us played monopoly. I don't think that game has ever been more "thrilling" than it was that night. Every time I rolled the dice, I just felt really lucky. I was also very talkative during the game; when I'm usually not. 

Thursday was a great day. I did well on my last final. I finally got to experience a tiny taste of what getting high feels like. {a healthy version of it} And I also ended up winning Monopoly. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

california (behind the scenes)

A couple weeks ago, Ammon and I had to opportunity to tag along with some of his cousins to california for a  wedding. I already posted pictures on facebook, but this blog post includes some behind the scenes action! 


view from our hotel

This little lady's name is Leah. I loved her the moment I met her! 

San Diego Temple

I told them to make the far off look

Alright. Here's where the behind the scenes action happens. After Rachel and Jason were wed, we went to the beach for their reception. (best idea ever!) While there, Ammon and his cousin Matt were dying to try out the boogie boards. However, the water was freezing cold. To cope with this obstacle, they decided they would borrow cousin Ben and cousin Kayla's wetsuits. (they were the only ones available). Matt called dibs on the tall, blue suit. Since Ammon respects dibs, he was left with Kayla's pink wet-suit. The following video illustrates the difficulty of this dilemma. 

Oh man! I seriously love this guy!

"This is literally as high as I can lift my arms!"

 After catching a wave or two, another cousin told us about a nearby shop where we could rent wetsuits of all shapes and sizes.
Ahh... much better!

like a boss
I love the beach. I'm going to tell everyone I know to get married in California so I have an excuse to keep going back. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

if this won't make your day better...

then i don't know what will...

my overdue spring break post

Sorry I was m.i.a for a little bit there. Finals came a wee bit faster than I would have liked and life got a little bit busy. I had a total of 6 finals and now I only have one left! {raise the roof!}

Spring Break was fabulous.
I accomplished all of my goals. 
Well... almost all of them.
 It was my goal to run 5 days that week and I ended up running 4 days. 
It was my goal to spring clean my apartment, but I only mostly cleaned it. (close enough)
It was my goal to finish all of my big projects, but I didn't even start my 12 page paper. 
But I did paint my author's chair! (Pictures soon to come) And I did finish Ella Enchanted. 
And I hiked the Y {with my brothers}, so I definitely spent time with them.
And I made a spring wreath during general conference. :)

ammon and daniel 

daniel and ryan

you can do it! you're almost there!

so proud!

my handsome husband!

my spring wreath!
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