Thursday, April 25, 2013

california (behind the scenes)

A couple weeks ago, Ammon and I had to opportunity to tag along with some of his cousins to california for a  wedding. I already posted pictures on facebook, but this blog post includes some behind the scenes action! 


view from our hotel

This little lady's name is Leah. I loved her the moment I met her! 

San Diego Temple

I told them to make the far off look

Alright. Here's where the behind the scenes action happens. After Rachel and Jason were wed, we went to the beach for their reception. (best idea ever!) While there, Ammon and his cousin Matt were dying to try out the boogie boards. However, the water was freezing cold. To cope with this obstacle, they decided they would borrow cousin Ben and cousin Kayla's wetsuits. (they were the only ones available). Matt called dibs on the tall, blue suit. Since Ammon respects dibs, he was left with Kayla's pink wet-suit. The following video illustrates the difficulty of this dilemma. 

Oh man! I seriously love this guy!

"This is literally as high as I can lift my arms!"

 After catching a wave or two, another cousin told us about a nearby shop where we could rent wetsuits of all shapes and sizes.
Ahh... much better!

like a boss
I love the beach. I'm going to tell everyone I know to get married in California so I have an excuse to keep going back. 


  1. You have got to post that video on youtube for the world to see...or at least on facebook for my friends to see! :)

    1. I have copyright issues with the main actor... you'll have to get his permission. :)

  2. I seriously died watching that video...hilarious!!


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