Sunday, April 28, 2013

one year and still going strong!


Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
It's time to celebrate,
Let's go to the zoo!

Lego animals were scattered all over the zoo

our beloved nation's bird


i was a little confused when i saw these from a distance. i thought they were real... {shhh... don't tell anyone}


llama face

my fave animal

lego monkeys

real monkey

this guy gets bigger every time we see him

Although the zoo was a bit crowded, we really enjoyed the warm weather and of course fawning over the animals. {okay, that fawning may have just come from me}

After the zoo we walked to Olive Garden.
After a peach smoothie, some sort of peach pasta {sounds weird right? but it was delicious!}, and a gorgonzola steak pasta for Ammon, we walked to D.I. and purchased Cast Away.
I never get sick of watching the relationship between Tom Hanks and Wilson.



  1. One year ago...wait til it is 50 years ago! I will be gone by then but I can imagine you two going to the zoo again to celebrate your 50th! Some really great photos. You and Ammon are so photogenic, too. Glad you had fun. Olive Garden is my all-time favorite restaurant.I would like for all of us to go in August to celebrate my 65th birthday.I don't know if you get notices whe someone posts. So hope you read this soon. Congrats and love.

    1. I could see us doing that too! (But hopefully by then we'll have lots of money and we can see exotic animals in their proper element!) :) I think Olive Garden is my new favorite restaurant after that peach pasta thing I had. So yes! Let's celebrate your 65th there! I love you!

  2. It looks like you are definitely a female by the length of your arm span...Ammon on the other hand is stuck somewhere between the two...hmmm? Jk.
    It looks like you two had a blast! I love the pictures! Happy Anniversary to one of the coolest couples I know (not forgetting my husband and I) :)
    Love you two! Happy day! And many more to come!

  3. So fun! You guys are the best looking couple around :) Congratulations on your anniversary!


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