Tuesday, May 7, 2013

when ammon's family comes to town

Ammon's family came to Provo and spent a whole week with us. 
I seriously love when they come and visit.
You might think you have the best in-laws, but I'm the one who has the best in-laws.
First off, ever since day one, they have been so nice to me.
Second, they have really good advice.
Third, they are very adventurous and take us kids to do fun things.
Fourth, they are still madly in love with each other and are the best parents.
Whenever I'm with Ammon's family, I never feel stressed or awkward. Everyone treats each other with respect and there is hardly ever any arguing. {dare I say never?} I seriously take mental notes every other second on how to be a good parent when I'm with Ammon's family. Last week was a blast with them. 

Dinosaur museum

Evelyn right before we hiked Diamond Fork

Ammon's sibs

haha. I love this picture. It perfectly captures the grossness and crowdedness of the natural hot springs
my super cute mom and dad in law

i love this guy so much!!!

on the way back I spotted a snake

Evelyn's not so sure about it at first

my turn. proof that i'm not afraid of snakes?

Nickel City

Elias won the block game his first try!

i've never seen my dad-in-law get this excited about a game :)

Hiking to Bell Canyon Lower Falls

oh my!



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  1. You got your love of snakes from me. Karoline and I had 2 water snakes from Hobble Creek behind your old apartment. They lived in a plastic container on the kitchen sink. One night one got out as K. was going into the kitchen. She just grabbed it and put it back in it's cage. When we moved we had Daniel and Taylor take them back to the creek. I am sure those snakes had some wild tails to tell to their friends. That was when we had two dwarf rabbits, one cat, and four dogs. I am so glad you have wonderful in-laws. Cherish them!


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