Thursday, May 16, 2013

how to create beach-like curls without heat

One of my summer bucketlist items includes going the whole summer without using heat. 

How is this going to be possible? My hair is not naturally straight. Nor is it naturally curly. It's just kinda in between. Well. I have found the perfect solution that I am so excited to share. I plan on having beach-like wavy hair all summer. And here's how:

Conair medium spiral curlers. 
Plus a little bit of this every other day:

I've never used either of these products before, but so far I am liking both of them very much. Especially the curlers. I bought them at Rite Aid for $13 and they work very well with my hair. All I do is spritz my hair with a little bit of water with a spray bottle or I wait until my hair is just about dry after a shower. (If your hair is too wet, then it will take a lot longer to work). Then I wrap my hair around the curlers as if it was a curling iron. It'll look a little something like this:
Then I wait about 10 minutes or so and my hair looks like this:

Tuh-duh! Beautiful beach-like curls without any heat! 

Note: if you want your curls to be a little tighter, here's a very helpful video. (This video is where I got the inspiration to go without heat)

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  1. I tried it. Doesn't look good on an old(er) woman. Looks great on you though.


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