Monday, July 29, 2013


I Leah Ruth Lott, spent 3 whole days without getting on my computer.
No facebook, no blog, no netflix, no pandora. Nadda.
How is this even possible you may ask.
One word: Moab.
Or in other words, the best place in the whole wide world.

This year I went with my three brothers, my dad, and my hubby. 
All boys plus me equals a blast.
Or in other words, pics on pics on pics. 
(That's just a fancy bloggish way of saying that I'm about to post a lot of pictures)

See how excited I am about Moab? There's more where this came from if you keep reading!

Getting excited to go to moab
Setting up the boys tent
Mine and ammon's little tent
Lots of time was spent at the KOA pool
Hole n the Rock was actually really fun!
Even though it is touristy, I loved walking around and then getting a tour of the underground home. 



I was trying to be cool...

Eating hotdogs for dinner
This was everyone's favorite hike of the trip
Daniel Boone Holden
It was seriously so adorable when Daniel started to get tired during the hike. Then he would say that he just needed to keep going and not give up, just like Daniel Boone. 

The boys

My dad helped us climb up onto this cool ledge

We found ryan's initials

Looking for crawdads
LOVE this picture!
We even got Daniel to hold it! 

Which way do we go?!
After going the wrong way, it turns out, we were supposed to choose the right. go figure.
Ammon caught a baby lizard

Okay story time. Ammon and I were walking through a stream in knee-high water. I was slightly ahead of him when all of the sudden I heard something leap past me and splash into the water behind me. I started screaming because whatever I saw out of the corner of my eye was pretty big and I had no idea what it was! After a few minutes, Ammon started getting excited because he just spotted a huge bull frog!  So I passed the camera to him and he took a picture. Can you see it?
Raccoon tracks

We made it! This is Morning Glory Arch.
Lots and lots of this. Now I finally know exactly what poison ivy looks like!
Not sure if I got poison ivy or if I just had a reaction to the weeds. Either way, it looked pretty bad, but luckily after an hour or so, it went away. 

I spotted a snake on the way back!
Mill Creek North Fork swimming hole
Taylor and Ammon are contemplating their jump
This guy was helping them know where to jump
Okay, so I know these cliffs aren't way high or anything, but the water isn't very deep. So that's what made it scary. But we did it! Taylor did the highest one of all. Here are a couple of movies:

Bullfrog tadpoles are huge!

After the hike

Stepping out in the town.

I want a clock like this. Can you figure out what time it was? (If you said 9:19, then you're right!)

Corona Arch

High School Musical
Do I hear tango music?


We found Taylor's name on the way back. The following conversation occurred:
Me: "Taylor, make a guilty face next to your name and I'll take a picture."
Taylor: "No way, I'm totally going to take credit for this."

Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch! So proud of everyone. It was incredibly hot when we hiked it. 

Sand Dune Arch is somewhere in there

I love this arch and all the sand!

Our trip concluded with a beautiful sunset

After receiving a sunburn, gathering new inside jokes, taking tons of pictures, coming home with loads and loads of laundry, and having a family I feel closer to, I'd say this has been one of the most memorable trips to Moab. I can't wait to take my future kids there one day! 


  1. Looks like a fantastic and fun time!!! Great photos.

  2. I loved the pictures of my most favorite place in the world. I loved living there. Even when things were rough I could have a song in my heart enjoying the beauty of Moab.


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