Monday, July 22, 2013

what to wear to a 50s party

Last Saturday was a work party.
The theme was the 50's. 
Everyone who worked that day was required to wear an outfit to work.
That included both me and Ammon.
At first we had no idea what we were going to wear.
In fact, many people didn't. What did people wear in the 50's again?
But after some research, I found out that a 50s outfit for girls includes:
polka-dot dresses
shirts with collars
really curly and big hair
bright red lip stick
high-waisted skirts
white ankle socks

And for the boys:
rolled up jeans
white shirts
black, leather jackets
tatoos just below the sleeve 
greased-over hair
jean vests

After trying on various combinations from my closet, I found the following outfit (I got quite a few looks while walking to work!):

And here's my sexy husband mopping the floor at work:
ow ow!
 And here's just a few more pictures:

Some friends at work. Best closing team ever!
It was fun dressing up. There I said it. I still like dressing up. 


  1. YOu guys are having WAY too much fun in your lives! That is so great! Love reading your blog Leah. And love you too!

  2. SO cute! So jealous that you guys get to dress up for work while when I was there it was the boring shirt and tie! haha Loved your outfit/ hair!

  3. So cute! Your outfit turned out great!


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