Saturday, July 6, 2013

my 4th of july

I woke up July 4th thinking I wouldn't see a single firework. 
Ammon and I were both scheduled to work from 11 a.m until 10 p.m. 
We opted out on the parade because sleeping in just sounded so much better than sitting in the hot sun right before working all day. (Oh dear. I'm starting to sound like an adult.) haha
Work wasn't too bad. It was fairly busy the whole day and almost everyone was super friendly and tipped 20% or more. Honestly, good tips make the biggest difference when it comes to working on a holiday. 
Luckily, Brick Oven emptied out as soon as the Stadium of Fire started which meant getting off before 9:30!
There can be miracles... when you believe!  
The rest of our night went as follows:

We grabbed some late night grub. Thank you Sammy's for still being open and providing some delicious hamburgers!
We also shared a milkshake

And watched the fireworks begin from Sammy's
Then we biked home as fast as we could so we could watch the rest from our apartment.

Our apartment was the perfect location for fireworks. As soon as they ended, we just folded up our chairs and went right back inside. No traffic. No hassle. 

My 4th of July was productive, memorable, and I got to see some fireworks after all! 

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