Saturday, July 6, 2013

july 3rd and july 5th

Because Ammon and I both worked all day on July 4th, all the individual fireworks were done the day before and the day after. 

July 3rd:
Fireworks with Nephi
provo exchange park
the set-up

smoke bombs

 July 5th:
Fireworks at my aunt and uncle's house in Riverton

he does this every year! 

mom and daniel

glow sticks!

it started to rain
my auntie Karoline 
And then it started to pour! (Meanwhile, my dad is still trying to put on a show for us)

we camped inside until the rain slowed down
back outside
It was time for the big fireworks:

We ended up having to shove a sparkler in this firework to get it to light. It was worth it!

Parachute fireworks

We used a torch to light most of our fireworks
haha. I love my lil' cousin Taylynne

I stole the idea to do this from a friend

sparkler fun!

we were trying to spell I love you...?

my uncle Jed.
how can you not take a picture of this?
 or mention that this was right before a firework flew over his head!?

Doing fireworks with my family is always a blast! 
Thanks to my dad who always puts on a show for us.
 Even when it started to rain, he was still out there lighting them. 
And a special thanks to my aunt and uncle for letting us host fireworks at their house this year.

I love you, dad!! I love you family! I love you fireworks...

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