Sunday, July 7, 2013

kids say the darndest things

After being ward missionaries for over a year, Ammon and I were finally called to be primary teachers. I say finally because we thought for sure that it was going to be our first calling. And then when we didn't get the calling, we still ended up spending many weeks subbing in the primary. :) We have officially had our new calling for 3 weeks and I am just loving it.

After we were called to be primary teachers, God gave me some really neat advice. Because of my schooling to become a public school teacher, I was sure that implementing classroom management strategies was the only way I would be able to effectively teach the little primary children. But when I was given my blessing, God told me (through the bishop) otherwise. He hold me that the only way the children would learn was if I loved them. That really hit me. Not by rules; not by consequences, but by loving them.

Some other advice that was given to Ammon and me in regards to our calling is to teach by the spirit, get to know the children's families, and to make sure that we demonstrate a healthy relationship toward each other in front of the children each Sunday. Some children come from homes where parents aren't always respectful toward each other so it is our job to show them what a healthy relationship looks like. We were also asked to work as a team, not just take turns. As Ammon and I follow this advice, I have not only grown a love for the children we teach, but toward Ammon as well. Being a primary teacher is quite the win-win calling.

Another reason I am loving my calling is because I am learning so much! Kids say the darndest things and sometimes it's just what I need to hear. There's something about simple, yet sincere answers that get to me. It's no wonder God asks us to be like children.

Here is a movie I saw many years ago when I was in Seminary. The children are asked basic questions about what we believe and their answers are absolutely adorable!

And here's something that made me smile:

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  1. LOVE this insight. I'm in Primary too, and it's a blast. Thanks for writing this :)


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