Wednesday, August 8, 2012

may the force be with you

I've mentioned before that being a waitress is great most days and that I love my job. And then I vented about the things that are frustrating about being a waitress. Well this post is to emphasize those things about my job that put a smile on my face.

A couple weeks ago, I served 3 girls visiting from Mainland China who all left this note on the table:

After carefully opening the check holder, I was happily surprised with this:
Don't worry, they left more than just the coins. :) Thank you Kaede, Tiffany, and Kimberly for the international coins and for putting a smile on my face!

A couple days ago I served 3 college students who left me this:
This one is probably the best note I've received so far

That night I was inspired and for the first time ever, I attempted the Princess Leia hairdo to see how I looked. Here are the results:

Pretty good, eh? My favorite was when I walked into the kitchen, where Ammon was doing homework and asked him how I looked. The first thing he said was, "how did you do that!?" (that means he was impressed). 

With Ammon's help taking the picture and my amazing skills with Paint, I have somewhat-successfully recreated the picture used in Wikipedia:

Wikipedia's version
My version :)
Well. There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it. And may the force be with you.


  1. Absolutely love it, Leah. I laughed out loud!

    1. I thought you looked a lot like Kai-Lan. Did a good job though, Princess Leah.


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