Friday, August 10, 2012

these are a few of my favorite things

Have you ever used something you love, looked at it, and thought "what would I do without you?" Well, I've noticed that I do this a lot. And then I'll think to myself, "other people should use it too!" So here are my favorite things that I think everyone should use: (if you're anything like me, anyway.)

 Favorite anti-frizz product:                                                             
A life-saver 
Favorite Mascara:
Finally! A waterproof mascara that works!

Favorite breakfast dish:
German Pancakes-I have this recipe memorized

 Favorite scrubby brush:
I literally can't do the dishes without this thing!

Favorite cooking appliance:
Chicken comes out tasting delicious every time!

Favorite mechanical pencil:
A must-have for math

Favorite water bottle
I love the plastic loop underneath the lid. I carry it in my hand wherever I go.

Favorite room scent:
I spent quite a few minutes sniffing candles in the Yankee Candle store and found the perfect one!
It's not too strong and not too subtle
Well. There you have it. I have a lot of favorite things I use that make life a little bit easier. But these are just a few of my favorite things. :)

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  1. Some of your favorits are some of my favorites. Can't imagine what a "pink sand" smell is. I know what the real life smell is - been in enough Moab canyons to recognize it. By the way, I need your address. Please send. Love both of you immensely.


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