Sunday, August 26, 2012

family reunion & hiking timp!

I have an announcement everyone!
I, Leah Ruth Lott, have now officially attended (and survived) a Christiansen Family Reunion!

The reunion was in Heber and was so much fun.
I got to know Ammon's family more
They got to know me more
I rode on a zip-line backwards
played volleyball with a soccer ball (ouch!)
ate delicious food
played all the best board games
took first place in the Christiansen family 2012 Olympics
and even participated in the talent show!

Prepping for the zip-line

I love these two

Cousin Love
I have the best mother-in-law

Neeph and dad
Cooking dinner
Driving to the lake. Haha

One of the Olympic events...

Watching the talent show

Cabin 3D is where the cool peeps stayed


The boys put on a play called "Hunting for the Squatch"

The Squatch!

My sis Emmalee

 After the family reunion, Ammon's parents took a few of us to hike Timp. It was killer on the body but definitely worth it!

We started at 5 a.m
Watching the sun rise

My feeble attempt at photography

The white specks are goats!

They let us get really close 

The saddle
The boys beat us to the top by a long shot
We got to the top at 10:30! 


  1. Oh MY GOSH! I love this post! i'm jealous of your awesome hike! I Love the picture of the besties! and your photography is good!

  2. Way to go surviving a Christiansen Family Reunion! That is a big deal! ;) I wish I could have been there, it looks like it was a ton of fun!

  3. So pleased my daughter married in to the great families Christiansen and Lott! The in-laws are awesome.


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