Saturday, August 4, 2012


This post is dedicated to my best friend, Shelby who is getting married next Friday! 

Shelby and I met exactly 2 years ago. 
She had just said goodbye to her best friend, Jordan who was leaving on an LDS mission for 2 years. Me? I wasn't dating anyone. 
It was the perfect reason for both of us to go to CHINA
We met at an ILP orientation meeting. And then lived together in china for 4 months. 

We sort of got along at first, but not really. Which knowing my history, I should have known that meant we would eventually become best friends. 

Well, it certainly didn't happen right away. At first, the more we got to know each other, the more we weren't friends. We're not exactly sure why, but for whatever reason we did not get along. 

About 3 months later, we started really getting to know each other. We went running together, asked questions, and really listed to how the other perceived things in life. Suddenly, we had a lot in common and really enjoyed having meaningful conversations. She taught me a lot about love and making a relationship work if you want it to. I loved hearing her talk about Jordan. They had overcome a lot and I became very invested in their relationship!  

We got back from China and have hung out in between adventures ever since. I'm so excited for her to marry Jordan. They are so perfect for each other. They are are a team and are going to be amazing parents one day. I love you, Shelby! You're about to make the best decision you could ever make and I know you picked the right time, person and place! :)

Eating dinner at a fancy restaurant

Riding on the Li River

After riding on a train for 28 hours straight

Eating Subway sandwiches on the Great Wall of China

A few months after we got back from China

And now she's getting married to her best friend!


  1. Happy tears! Beautifully stated, my girl.

  2. Good to have good friends. And you have so many because you are a good friend.


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