Friday, May 30, 2014

day three. disneyland!!

On the morning of Disneyland, we woke up super early and got some breakfast at our hotel.
We weren't too impressed with the selection. The waffle line was swarmed with little kids and everything else just tasted so-so. But who can complain when your hotel is only ONE BLOCK away from the happiest place on earth!

When we got to Disneyland, we were able to get in an hour early with our magic morning passes. 
Once inside the park, we had no idea what to do. Everyone told us to get fastpasses, but we weren't exactly sure how to go about that. Plus we didn't know where any of the rides were.
We followed the crowds and landed ourselves confused in Fantasyland. Luckily we saw a Disneyland staff member who looked like he could help us. He was older and had a cowboy hat on.

me-Sorry to bother you, but where can we get a map?
disneyland staff member-A map! What's your name?!
me-uh... Leah.
disneyland staff member-Leah!! Oh wonderful! And where are you from?
dsm-That is just perfect because this morning I woke up and thought to myself, I'm going to pack an extra map with me just in case a Leah from Utah needs one. Here you go. (Hands map to us)
Leah-Thank you! It's our first time here so we're new to this.
dsm-Wait a minute. Did you say it's your first time here?
Leah-Well sort of. It's his first time. (I pointed to Ammon)
dsm- Stay right here. I'm going to grab you some buttons.

We watched as he jogged away to grab us some buttons. (We had heard about these buttons and were quite excited to get some!) Meanwhile, we looked at the map to make our next move. We decided we would get in line for a ride that was open and then once the park officially opened, get Fastpasses for Indiana Jones. After the super nice Disneyland staff member came back with our buttons, he gave us some more helpful hints and advice and then we were off! 

The first ride we rode together was the Matterhorn.
Ammon was a little hesitant (he hates big drops) but it turned out to be a fun ride for both of us.

Jungle Cruise. I personally loved this ride! It was relaxing and entertaining.

Indiana Jones!
Look, no big line! (Not yet, anyway.)

The Indiana Jones ride was a blast! I loved going on it again and Ammon loved going on it for the first time.

We went in Tarzan's treehouse for a little.

Then splashmountain!
Ammon did NOT like this ride. I'm proud of him for going on it with me! (It's my favorite ride.)

Everyone told us that we HAD to try the pineapple ice cream. We ordered two floats and enjoyed every single bite.
They were right. :)

The Buzz Lightyear ride!

My score is on the left. :)

Haunted Mansion is a classic. :)

We found the Wreck It Ralph game!!

Star Tours
Ammon was hesitant to go on this one (me too because I remember thinking it was too shaky last time I went on it), but we both ended up loving it! It is officially Ammon's favorite ride.

My boss at Brick Oven insisted that me and Ammon try the Corndogs.  Seriously? How good could a corndog be?
OH MY GOODNESS! It was amazing!! It is the only thing in Disneyland we purchased more than once.
They're that good. :)

It's a Small World was closed. We were pretty bummed!


We had to try a turkeyleg for two reasons. 
One: Look how big it is! 
Two: we needed to copy the following picture:

Just me and my turkey leg!!

That's one more thing to cross off on the marriage bucket list!

The turkeyleg was actually kind of gross to us. Just thinking about it makes me feel queasy. Oh well. I have no regrets getting the $10 hunk of meat. It filled us up and we got our pictures. 

We watched Mickey's Soundsational parade.
Even though we didn't have the best view, it was still worth it!
The music and costumes were so fun.

Getting in line for space mountain just before the park closed.
yeah... we were in line for an hour and a half
We played the guessing game to kill time.

I'd like to say that the reason my face looks so funny is because I knew exactly when the camera snapped.
The truth is I had no idea.
Instead of enjoying the ride like a normal person, I made this face the WHOLE ENTIRE RIDE.
But it was worth it! I crack up every time I see this.

Good night Disneyland. See you tomorrow!


  1. Gosh. Disneyland is just the absolute best, I loved reading this post!! By the way, that leopard in Tarzan's Treehouse made Shad jump like crazy when it roared at him haha. Good times.

  2. This post is why I work for Disney. Also, miss you both. Come to Orlando sometime!


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