Monday, May 26, 2014

day two. beach.

Day two. The beach.
Day two we woke up semi-early and left for California.
The only stop we made was in Barstow to get a new camera (water got in my old one), and to fill up on gas. I am loving my new camera! I'm kind of glad water got in my old one...
 While we were in Barstow, we also got the new Coldplay CD and Ammon finally bought his very own beach towel.
The drive to Anaheim was filled with relaxing music and repetitive "exit right ahead" and "stay in the left lane" phrases coming from TomTom.
It wasn't the most exciting drive, but we made it safely and just in time for check-in.
After getting settled in our room, we ate some sandwiches and headed for the beach.
Huntington Beach
Under the pier.
Walking on the pier
I love this picture!
My sandcastle. Ammon helped me with the walkway.
Our hotel
The night concluded with chili cheese hot dogs, more Psych episodes and excitement for the next day.

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  1. Old stomping grounds all along the beach. How cold was the water? Barstow was always the place Grandma Jean (Skip's mom) and I would stop for pizza when we drove LV to Cali. Keep on trekking!


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