Sunday, May 4, 2014

RAD neon race

The day of my college graduation was amazing. One of the things that made it especially memorable was the RAD neon race that a bunch of us ran that night. With epic costumes planned, high spirits, and knowing that I would get to see Lexi, it was bound to be a good night. 

Lexi Hansen is one of the most amazing people you would be so lucky to meet. A couple months ago she was in a tragic accident and suffered a severe brain injury, fractured vertebrae, and a broken tibia. Lexi used to work at Brick Oven which is how Ammon and I know her. It has been an incredible experience following  her Pray for Lexi facebook page. If you haven't already heard about her, please join us and the other 30,000 people who are following her on facebook and please continually pray for her recovery.
All of the proceeds from the RAD neon race went toward helping Lexi and her family.

We started getting ready around 9 p.m.
I was of course Princess Leia by giving myself two sock buns.
 Ammon was a storm trooper.
 Ammon's brother was Darth Vadar.
 Ammon's sister wore a Chewbacca backpack we borrowed.
 Ammon's cousin Joseph was Yoda. Ammon's mom made the Yoda ears by cutting up... get this....flip flops of all things! and then hot gluing them to a headband.
Ammon's mom was my favorite! She's so clever. She was Darth Maul Mom. 
A group shot before we left. We ended up painting Ammon's mom's face in the car.

The group

Oh man she looks good! 

Photo bomb to the max! His costume is pretty cool. I guess it's okay that he thought I wanted a picture of him. :) 
He still thought I was trying to get a picture of him! haha


Ammon and his mom.

Lexi!! And Kaitlyn and Haylee. I love these girls!

The Brick Oven clan.

A group photo with Cosmo (BYU's mascot)
At midnight the costume contest began. Our group got the loudest cheer, thus making us the winners! We won lower stadium jazz tickets for next season. Ammon's never been to a jazz game so we're pretty excited about that! What a super fun night! My favorite part was getting to talk to Lexi. She is without a doubt, one of the most incredible people on this earth. I am so lucky to know her. 

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