Saturday, May 31, 2014

day four. california adventure + downtown disney.

On the fourth day of our vacation, we went to California Adventure. 
This was both mine and Ammon's first time there.

From the day before, we thought we were pros at getting Fastpasses. We knew exactly what to do when it came to the famous Cars ride everyone had told us about. Or so we thought...
Using a map, we took the back way to the Cars Fastpass line, thinking we could get there before everybody else. Okay, we knew that there would be a line, but we had no idea just how long the line would be!
When we got there, we were shocked to see a huge stream of anxious faces that seemed to wrap around the entire park. Taking the back way was not the best idea because it put us at the front of the line, but we needed to find the end of the line! 
Ammon and I briskly walked parallel to the line, hoping that we'd eventually see the ending. Finally, after a minute or so, we found the end of the line.  We were positive we found it because there was a guy standing in the back holding a sign that read, "Cars Fastpass end of line." Dude! People are crazy about that ride! I couldn't help but think, this ride better be awesome!

While we were in line, we came up with a plan. I really wanted to go on Tower of Terror, but Ammon really did not want to go on that ride. (Ammon hates rides with drops.) Ammon stayed in line to get us Fastpasses while I scurried over to the Tower of Terror.
I was a little anxious to ride it (mostly because I was by myself and I had never been on the ride) but I was also really excited. When I got on the ride, I sat by some memorable people. The first thing the guy on my right said was, "last time I was on this ride I puked." I didn't believe him (mostly because I didn't want to) and it turned into a running joke. The couple on my left was really nice. It was their first time too. 
Tower of Terror was pretty frightening but I loved it! 
The first thing I said to Ammon when we met up again was, "Do NOT go on that ride. You will hate it." 
He really would have. That thing drops you like no ones business.

Me on the tower of terror WITHOUT AMMON!

This ride was way cool.

Before going on the cars ride, we went and explored Cars Land.

In line for the Cars ride. Thank goodness we had a Fastpass!

We rode on Lightening McQueen! 
The Cars ride was pretty awesome! We weren't disappointed.

We found Flik!

The Alladin play was very well done! Genie was hands-down the best part. 

The Lego store in Downtown Disney

It's the guy off the Lego movie! 

This one was my favorite

More buttons! We really were celebrating all those things. 

Toward the end of the night, we snagged a spot for World of Color up on the bridge.
Waiting for World of Color to start. (We were there an hour and a half early)

Still waiting

Yup, still waiting.

Haha! Trying out the fish mode on my new camera.

Officially ready to watch the show. (I only wear my glasses for special occasions.)

Yay! It finally started!

The wait was long, but it was totally worth it! 
I took a few videos during the performance and you can hear Ammon and I oohing and awwing the whole time. We laugh at it now, but we did it for a reason!

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