Monday, June 9, 2014

day five. a little bit of everything.

For our last day in Anaheim, we did a little bit of everything.
We began the morning with California Adventure.
This is me, decked out in Disney souvenirs.
Disney shirt. Disney lanyard. Disney buttons.
We got there early so we could get in line for the Cars ride. There was a huge crowd!

This following pictures is a picture of us AT THE VERY FRONT of the line behind the escorts that take you to the ride. (Pretty crazy that they need those!)
But then it turned out that the ride was closed! 

So instead we went on Soarin again.

And then after that we noticed that the Cars ride was open again! So we waited in line for Fastpasses. 
Then we hopped over to Disneyland where we went on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

This time, Ammon dominated.
Then Space Mountain for the third time. Ammon's face CRACKS me up every time!!

We finally stopped to meet Goofy. He was my favorite! He pointed to each of our buttons and clapped for us.

THEN, goofy FARTED as we were getting our picture taken. That's why we're really smiling in this one:
haha! Makes me wonder who is really behind that costume. 
Then back to California Adventure to ride the Cars ride one last time.

Army Men!!
Then we went on Space Mountain one last time. We tried to do the kissy thing that some couples do, but we bonked our heads in the process. So instead, we hurried and grabbed hands and shouted for joy.
The couple behind us had the same idea. 

At about 3ish, we left Disneyland and headed for the beach. 
The weather was cloudy when we got there, but we were crossing our fingers because it was supposed to get sunny around four.
MAN they are good! As soon as it turned four, the clouds rolled away and we had straight sun for a couple hours.
Yay sun!

Our seashell collection
After the beach, we went to California Adventure one last time.
The only thing we brought with us was our wallets and our ponchos.
We were planning on buying a funnel cake and then watching World of Color on the front row.

Well... it turns out that they don't have funnel cakes anymore. :(
And... we didn't get there in time to snag the front row.

So instead we went to Ghiradelli square and got a delicious cookie dough sundae that we couldn't finish. 
Then we walked the empty park and stopped to watch World of Color from the back.
We danced during the love songs and then took the long way home.

Sometimes the best memories are made by avoiding the crowds and taking the path less traveled on.

Goodbye So Cal.
Until next time. Maybe when Ammon graduates and we have a little tike with us. :)

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  1. So glad you had a memorable time! If I had the money I would take you with me to Texas for the big shebang for Aunt Eileen's 90th birthday. Good chance to meet lots of our relatives. But, alas, no go because of spending $1,000 on car.Dag nab it as Mator says in CARS! And Olivia likes to say it 3 times in a row!. The North trip starts June 26 and we won't be back till July 6th. California here we come! You know we really should go other places!!!!


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