Sunday, June 22, 2014

day six and more. susanville with ammon's family.

Friday morning we woke up early, packed our bags and left for Susanville, California. 
After 30 minutes of driving, Ammon realized that he didn't have his phone!
So we turned around and went back to the hotel, waited in line to get our room keys, then searched the room high and low. After calling his phone with my phone, we finally found it hiding under the bed covers. 

Whew! We were so glad that turning around was worth it.

After checking one last time to make sure we had all the essentials, we left for Susanville one more time. Ammon drove the first 5 hours and I drove the last 5 hours. We only stopped for gas in between.

To kill time we listened to music, recorded ourselves singing along with 80s music, and played the alphabet game twice.

Only 7 more hours!
After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived in Susanville. 
Spending time with Ammon's family for a week was the highlight of our trip! I always love spending time with them. We played lots of games, watched home videos, ate really good food, and enjoyed the outdoors.

This is Ninja Evelyn. The whole week I was there, she loved being a ninja!
This trip was especially memorable because I finally went backpacking for the first time! 
Ammon loading up his pack

Emmalee with her slingshot.

All ready to go.


The group minus dad (who took the picture)
Resting for a little

Setting up camp

Our little tent.

A lake and a campfire! My two favorite camping amenities.

Ammon trying to catch a fish.

Mom and Emmalee

I thoroughly enjoyed my first backpacking trip. It was rewarding and fun. It was really hard leaving Susanville-it always is. We left Thursday morning and then Ammon drove home the whole day. The only stops we made were to get gas.
To kill time we listened to Tennis shoes Among the Nephites-The feathered Serpent on CD.
Nephi was zonked out in the back of the car most of the way home.

We're back! 
The Salt Flats
Our disgusting bug collection!

Our trip ended with a beautiful sunset. 
The next day Ammon and I both worked which was probably good because it made adjusting to real life a lot easier. I substitute taught at Reagan Academy which is the school I will be teaching at come August. It was the last day of school so the kids were a little crazy-but nothing I couldn't handle. :)


  1. Your backpacking trip looks so fun! (And gorgeous...) I am so glad you guys got to go to California. You definitely deserved it!

  2. I am thrilled that Ammon's family are outdoorsey and love Mother Nature. Wish I could still do that. BUT tomorrow I am going with Laura's family to southern CA for a 10 day vaca. No outdoors stuff though except for the heated pool and the beach. They do a lot of camping usually. What lake did you go to and did Am every catch a fish? Love you all. Glad you got home safely.Later gator!


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