Sunday, June 29, 2014

bridal veil with the boys

I went hiking with the boys the other day. 
When I say "the boys" it usually means the boys in my life that are family and live nearby.
This includes my husband, my brothers Ryan and Daniel, and Ammon's twin Nephi.

For our hike, we decided to hike up Bridal Veil falls. It was a really hot day, so something easy and refreshing was a good choice. We played the guessing game all the way up and then all the way back down. The guessing game is great way to kill time in lines or to make hikes more fun. To play the game, someone in the group picks a person or a fictional character. Then everyone else aks yes or no questions to try and figure out who they are thinking of. The only rules are that you can only pick a person or character that everyone in the group would know. So you could pick a family member, Donald duck, Barack Obama, the Brave Little Toaster, or anything else you can think of! I've been playing this game with my co-workers at Brick Oven when it's slow and they love it! 

Okay, back to the hike.

After the hike, we went to Sonic during happy hour and got ourselves some slushes. Yum!

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  1. I love that picture of you and Ammon! You guys are the cutest!


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