Monday, June 23, 2014

summer goals

Summer feels like it's already almost over and I've hardly accomplished anything! 
As a newly hired teacher, most of my summer will be spent getting my classroom together.
HOWEVER, there are still a bunch of things I want to start/do/finish. When it comes to goals, I'm much better at reaching them if I write them down. So here I go.

Here are the things that I am hoping to accomplish before August rolls around:
  • Paint my classroom (pictures soon to come)
  • Start writing the story of my Grandma and have at least most of it written down
  • Run Ragnar
  • Finish Scrapbooking 2012
  • Finish the t-shirt quilt that I started back in 2011 (I will pay someone if I have to!)
  • Find a 2-bedroom apartment in Orem
  • Move into a 2-bedroom apartment in Orem
  • Write a blog post consisting my testimony 
  • Start & finish scrapbooking 2013
  • Read Man's Search for Meaning
  • Do a sprint triathlon
  • Finish putting my classroom together and have the first week planned. 
  • Buy a new car?

July is going to be a busy month but it's okay because I've learned that I prefer my life when it's busy. :)

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