Saturday, October 19, 2013

parka jacket: perfect for fall

I have been wanting an army green parka jacket for a very long time. I'm not fashion savvy, so I didn't even know it was called that. But after a lil bit of research, I finally figured it out. I checked out a few places online & at the mall, but it turns out that they are a bit pricey. (50-80 dollars) I was not about ready to pay that much for a light jacket. But then I came across this link on ebay & it is only $28 (including tax & shipping & what not.) I was a bit hesitant at first. What if it didn't look cute on? What if it didn't fit right? etc. etc. But I took a leap of faith & purchased it anyway. 

Well. It came in the mail today & I love it!

I'm terrible at posing for pictures so just look at the super cute jacket & the pretty leaves. :)

It is the perfect jacket for fall. Also, I love ebay. The end. 


  1. Super cute! And your hair looks great!

  2. Nice! I have always wanted one too! You look great, and thanks for the eBay tip :)

  3. so cute. and I want your hair. it's perfecT

  4. I want it! That is super cute Leah! And you are beautiful, as always.


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