Thursday, October 31, 2013

slim pickings

This year, Ammon and I went and got pumpkins with Nephi. 
We went and got our pumpkins at the very last second, which means there were slim pickings.
We either had to pick pumpkins that were either too lumpy, too big, too small, too squishy, or too abnormal. 

I picked one that was too large. Nephi picked one that was too small, and Ammon picked the abnormal one. 
But don't worry, we rocked our pumpkins. 

Removing Ammon's lid was a difficult task.  We think that's why nobody ever carves white pumpkins.

Proof that I was there. :)

Adding the final touches

My final product!

Ammon's masterpiece. My husband is so talented! 

Nephi's final product. If you don't know what he carved, then I'm not so sure that we can be friends. :)
This link should help you.

Pretty much the sweetest pumpkin ever.

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