Friday, November 1, 2013

only the greatest costumes ever

This year's Halloween was the best. It is officially my favorite. 
That's saying a lot because one of my Halloweens was celebrated in China. 

It was my favorite for a few reasons. First of all, look at our costumes:

Me and Ammon in 50 years! 
Second, I am in the elementary program and we know how to party!

Third, I have a best friend and a husband who are willing to take millions of pictures with me:
Brianna and Me

She is from Adventure Time
Best friends :)

This one's my favorite! I'm babbling away, while Ammon's sporting the grumpy old man look

Oh just making some dinner for the grandkids


 Another reason I loved this Halloween was because of my co-workers. I had to work that night and some of the guests were really rude which is never fun. But my co-workers kept me happy and their costumes rocked!!

banana and candy corn
Evil minion
hahaha! I love this picture!
Calvin & Hobbes. I love this couple

Mary Poppins flew on in

And she's happy as ever!

My boss was the "gingerbread man" haha. Good one, Scott

Adventure time! I love this couple!

The party was getting way too loud for this old bag. haha

Our friends Lauren and Ammon Kenner

There was a costume contest and we won first place!! Los Hermanos baby! (We already cashed it in today.)

Driving home

We were beat after dancing the night away! 
Best. Halloween. Ever. 
I've even got some footage of Ammon dancing. (he doesn't normally dance in public ever) 
It doesn't get much better than that.


  1. You guys = Amazing!!! :) Cutest old people ever.

  2. I don't know whether I should be insulted!!! Being old is something to laugh at? I think I still look younger than you did, Leah! At 65 I am trying for a younger Halloween look so I guess it doesn't matter so long as everyone has fun and has lots of laughs. I had fun getting costumes for the littles. I got some on discount so they could have fun play clothes all year. Maybe we could paint the car!?


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