Friday, November 1, 2013

no junk november

I am starting this new thing called No Junk November. I made it up myself.
I thought of it because I ate horribly during all of October. And then I just felt really yucky when Halloween came around. I don't want the same thing to happen when Thanksgiving rolls around.
No junk November is different for everyone but the main rule is to set some goals for yourself that you follow during November up until Thanksgiving. 

My rules are this:
No desserts (candy, cookies, brownies, etc.)
No pizza (unless it's homemade)
No chips unless it's tortilla with a meal
No fast food unless I get a salad
No soda
No popcorn
No cereal that is more than 9 grams of sugar per serving
No white bread when making sandwiches
No red meat
No chocolate

A couple of my classmates are doing it with me. They have each made their own list of goals. If any of us breaks one of our rules, then we owe the other two people a dollar. We are doing it per day. 

I have always struggled with balancing the amount of sugar I consume. Every time I go to Maceys, I grab smarties. Every time I go anywhere that offers free candy, I grab it and eat it. Any time there are free samples, I'm all up on that. Anytime I go to a party and someone offers free treats, I don't hesitate for even a second. Writing this blog post and involving my classmates will hopefully be the key I need in order to reach my goal. I made it a point to hold myself accountable and to tell as many people as I know so they can "catch me in the act" if needed. Ammon is doing it with me too. 

Feel free to join us and wish me luck! 

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