Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 highlights

2012 highlights

i officially transferred to UVU. i dyed my hair 4 or 5 times.
i went to the dinosaur museum.
i got ENGAGED!
i hiked battle creek falls.
my testimony of the atonement grew stronger than ever. 
i survived getting an IUD. i planned a wedding.
i sang karaoke. i made new friends at school.
i got MARRIED! i hiked angel's landing.
i went horseback riding. i said goodbye to 2 cars and ammon's truck.
i read the hunger games and john grisham for the first time.
i took 2nd place in a chili cook-off.
i attended my first Christiansen family reunion. (and loved every second of it.)
i hiked to the summit of mt. Timpanogos. i was sore for 3 days straight.
i fell even more in love with my husband.
i bought a bus pass. i went rollerskating. i turned 22.
ammon got me my very own longboard.
i scored 123 in bowling. i started the elementary education program.
i tried zumba for the first time. i taught myself how to design my blog. i made a movie.
i learned how to do a sock bun.
i made a new friend (brianna). i fell in love with teaching all over again.
i became a team lead server at brick oven.
i survived my first semester of the elementary education program.
i saw the hobbit. i rode the frontrunner.
i stayed the night in salt lake city.
i tried ski-boards for the first time (and now i want my own pair). i survived the "end of the world"
i finished a harry potter movie marathon. (now i just need to run a real marathon.)

2012 was good to me. and i'll bet 2013 is going to be even better as i grow closer to my husband, graduate, and maybe even plan for a new family addition. :) only God knows exactly what's in store for me. i just hope i have the faith and courage to withstand any hardships that may come. 

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