Saturday, October 6, 2012


I know everyone else has already said this, but I'm going to say it anyway:

The weather here in Provo has been absolutely amazing. The sun is out, yet the air is crisp: two things I love. Suddenly, I want to be outside. I want go running. I want to get out of the apartment. I want to hold hands with my hubby wherever I go. These feelings pale in comparison to how I felt during the summer. 
Guys, I really started to think I was turning into a boring person. I didn't want to go running. I didn't want to even step foot outside. I didn't want to hold hands or have anything close to me for that matter. This past week I have felt like a new person! I am more goofy, more engaging in conversation, more affectionate toward my husband, and just more happy in general. Why? Because of the weather! Who knew? They say people get depressed if they don't see the sun for a while. I say, that if they see too much of it (and they're stuck in Provo), then it has the same effect.
I want to live where it's fall all year long. 

So... you'd think with this new love I have for fall, that my house would show it. Sadly this is all I have in my house: 

I found this at the dollar store!
I'm hoping to make a fall wreath sometime soon. Send me links if you know any!

Okay. Some other things I've been up to:

I finally purchased a curtain rod for the valance I bought. It seemed easy enough to assemble. But it was actually pretty tricky and I'm proud of myself for finishing it. Here's how it turned out:

The other day Ammon and I joined our good friend Chad and his friend Janessa for some Frisbee golf in Pleasant Grove.  It was the coolest course!

And then we went to the Purple Turtle


  1. I had to google The purple turtle haha, you can tell I have never lived in Provo. And I totally agree, Fall is the BEST! If you find a place where it is Fall all year round let me know ;)

  2. The purple turtle looks like it is sitting on your head! Good balancing act. I love your drape. Good job. Glad you are feeling better. Fall is the coolest season. I like calling it Indian summer. Moab is beaautiful this time of year. I hope you got to watch conference. Awesome as usual. The new ages for missionaries is great. All of a sudden you have a brother, Taylor, that can go now and Amber who might be thinking of going. And then there is Bryen who kinda reminds me of a turtle with those half-closed eyes. What a grandson! He can go now after school is out. And Jered in another year. Wow! I know the financing is going to be something to work out. But the Lord will help with that. Stay bright eyed and bushy tailed, sweetheart. As we say in south Texas.

    1. Thanks grandma! I did watch conference and it was amazing as always! I love you!


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