Sunday, June 23, 2013

enduring love

Ammon and I will sometimes watch Mormon Messages on a whim. A couple days ago we watched the newest one. The one on marriage. And we bawled the entire time. (Okay, I was the only one bawling but I SWEAR Ammon got teary-eyed.) haha. 

This is the most heart-wrenching video you can watch on marriage in less than 5 minutes. In a good way. It will make you want to be the best spouse you can be. 

While watching this video, the spirit confirmed to me that this is what eternal marriage is all about. It's about being with each other through everything on this earth, so that when you get old, you will be there to take care of one another. That you will love them so much, spending all your time to serve them will be second nature. And you will carry that love and sacrifice with you into the eternities. 

I used to wonder if I could ever willingly serve someone beyond a few hours a week. It seemed daunting to give up all my precious time for someone else. But as the months grow into years with my husband and best friend, I KNOW that I would do anything for him if something happened to him. I would take such good care of him. I love him so much. 

The trick is to keep that attitude always and eventually feel that way toward all those who are in need of help.

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  1. Love those pictures and your observations. Love you and Ammon. I have a present for you two but it will have to wait until I see you - hopefully in the near future.


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