Wednesday, June 19, 2013

confessions of a crafty pyromaniac

About a month ago, I wrote a post proclaiming my love for the great outdoors and how much fun it is to throw rocks. This post is similar because it is about fire. And how much fun it is to light things on fire. 

Ammon and I reserve Friday nights for dates. After listing off things over and over again that we didn't  feel like doing, we finally agreed on something that would make us both happy: crafting with popsicle sticks (my idea) and then lighting them on fire (Ammon's idea). Please enjoy the following pictures and videos. 

{Note: do not hold anything anybody says during the videos against them.We all said some weird things . haha}

Nephi came over later and helped me with painting

Ammon's final product

And mine

One last moment with my creation
 Okay. Here's the part where we burn our creations.On Sunday, Mark, Rachelle, Nephi, and my brother Taylor came over for games. Once we had an appropriate audience, it was time to burn our beauties. 

 After burning Ammon's epic ship, we anti-climatically burned my creation:

Haha! My face is priceless. It wasn't just the boys who were excited about the fire. 
What a great date this made. Inexpensive. Inventive. Fun. Thrilling? I'd definitely do it again.  


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