Wednesday, July 25, 2012

july 24th 1847

Yesterday was such a great day for many reasons. First off, no school! (Thank you Utah for providing another day off from school and an excuse to blow things up)

Ammon and I spent the morning relaxing and reading. Then we went and saw Ice Age at the Wynnsong. It was a very cute and enjoyable movie. We were surrounded by kids, all of which were so funny when they laughed at the same time and at the same things. Then there was me, laughing at all the parts that noone else was... except for maybe Ammon. Having the same sense of humor as my husband comes in handy. :)

After the movie, Nephi came over and we got ready to go see the fireworks in Mapleton. Every year, Mapleton puts on a firework show for free at Ira Allen Park and since I missed the 4th of July fireworks, I wasn't about to miss out on these fireworks.

Our drive to Mapleton was very beautiful with the slight drizzle of rain and beautiful rainbow. I couldn't resist taking pictures the WHOLE WAY to Mapleton.

Outside my apartment

University Avenue
U.S 89
 Once we got to Ira Allen park, some of us played boggle, I took pictures, and Nephi also played his Nintendo DS to kill time until the fireworks started:

Ryan hiding from the noise and crowd. Haha! I laugh every time I see this picture! That's also Daniel's hand trying to get him to come out.

I told Daniel to make his "I'm so excited for fireworks" face. :)

Playing Boggle. Nephi destroyed us, yet again.

The group. (My mom took the picture) and Ryan is still hiding under the blanket. (My brother Taylor and his friend Raelynn joined us later.)

Nephi's fans
The fireworks finally started at 10:30 and they were worth the wait! 15 minutes of many "oohs" "ahhs" and "I can feel it in my chest!" fireworks!

The grand finale!
Happy 24th! Thank you to all the Mormon Pioneers who fought through freezing cold weather, persecution, starvation, and losing loved ones so that we could settle in Utah and freely practice our religion! July 24th, 1847 made it happen!

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