Monday, July 23, 2012

confessions of a waitress drama queen

I am a waitress at Brick Oven and have been for a little over a year. 
Most days are great and I absolutely love my job. 
However there are days when it so hard not to cry, get mad, or run away.
And it's not just me. I've talked with my fellow servers and we share the same frustrations.

So, on that note. Here are the things you should know (in our opinion) about your servers when you visit a restaurant:

Number 1. Minimum wage is different for tipped workers and varies from state to state. In states like Utah, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming, your server is getting paid $2.13 an hour. So they really rely on other people's tips for their income. Then, depending on the restaurant, a certain percentage of those tips goes toward bussers or other helping employees.
{For more info on tipped workers, click here}

Number 2. 10% is never a good tip. 10 % means you thought your server was one of the worst servers you've ever had. 15 % is adequate. and 20 % means you thought they did a really good job. Anything above that really makes their day and let's them know that you appreciated their service! Anything below 10 % is a real big bummer; especially when we thought we did a good job.
{For more info on how to tip, click here}

Number 3. Save camping for outside the restaurant. (However, there is an exception...) Campers are those people who have paid the bill, but stay and talk for more than 15 minutes. I once had a table of 2 ladies sit at my table for over 3 hours! This is frustrating for 2 reasons. Reason number one: each server only has a certain amount of tables in their section. If it's busy, then that is money they would have been getting from other people. Reason number two is that your server might be trying to go home at the end of their shift and without getting all their tables cleaned and checked off, neither your server, nor the busser can go home. So, here is the exception (because trust me, I DO understand wanting to stay and talk): make it worth their time. Leave a bigger tip. :)
{For more info on Camping, click here}

Number 4. Servers love being told they did a good job! And they especially love it when you tell their manager that they did a good job!

Well there you have it. Those are my confessions of a waitress drama queen. a.k.a: me on a stressful night. But I want you to know that I love my job. I love the people I work with, I love the friendly atmosphere that Brick Oven has to offer, and I love getting to meet new people every day. Next time you're in town, ask for me and maybe I can be your server! (And Ammon might be your busser.)


  1. you read my mind!!! haha I wish everyone in the world could read this

  2. Good points, sweetheart. It is difficult to know each company's policies about tipping. Because they aren't all alike. Sometimes that affects my tipping. I do go for the 20% 99% of the time. But not all servers are alike either. I have had some really rotten ones. Since we are on the subject. Being a maid at a motel/hotel can be the pits as far as tipping. I have worked at fancy ones and un-fancy ones. You work for minimum wage and very seldome get a good tip. Europeans have a habit of throwing pennies on the floor to show their upset at not having the royal suite. They are reacting to the decor usually not the maid service. I once went into a room that had beer bottles, pennies,and peanuts all over the room. Try cleaning that in your 15 minute time frame! I look forward to eating at your Brick Oven some day when I am down there. And I will definitely ask for the best server in the whole world! Love you lots!

  3. If waiters are good, they're subtle. I know a waiter who was good at accidentally clipping people in the back of the head with his tray. Another technique is making people wait when they've ordered wine. You make them stew
    view it. Or you put in their steak order as medium instead of medium rare.


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